casual update

Today I am going to post in this blog. It is not going to get overly cerebral. It is not going to get weird. I am not going to write an apology, or a long treatise on where I’ve been and why I have journeyed there. I’m not going into long metaphors about dental hygiene or my cats.

I actually don’t know what I’m going to say.

I used to know the purpose of blogging. It was like a public diary. Of course people wanted to know everything about me. I’m terribly interesting. Right? Of course. Now that we got that out of the way.

The problem was when the internet got mean and no one thinks other people are interesting anymore. It’s what my great (possibly great-great) aunt Mamie used to call “making the game schmeary.”

This is a situation of playing Uno and you keep getting all the skips and reverses and draw fours (none of the other wild cards where you can just peacefully change the color and move on). And the person to your right (where the direction of play is heading) keeps getting slammed by what they think are your dastardly dealings of death and pain. Draw 2. Draw 2 again. Oh. A Skip. Then someone else skips to you then you lay down a Wild Draw 4. You’ve said “uno” every time. In fact, one time you said it slow and they viciously said “UNO” at the same time but everyone at the table said “nooooooo,” that you got it in in time and now player-to-the-right is turning into a thunderous raincloud right before your eyes and the living room is about to be a category 5.

Scores are tallied. You’re only 3 rounds in and you were going to play 5. or six. But player on your right THROWS the cards into the air (you find the one of the missing Blue 4s two weeks later, chewed up by cats) and storms out and that’s the end of this metaphor. But did you MEAN to draw all those cards? Were you supposed to be NICE about it and just rack up the points so that they could win? Apparently so …….. apparently you’re supposed to let the wookie win or he tears your arms off.

This is not the way that things should work, and I said that I wasn’t going to do this but this is why I don’t write much internet anymore or post and why nobody can have nice things or coffee and pie in public. Unnnngh and flargh. You have all heard this before. “Go brush your teeth, Denise!”

Obviously the card throwers of the world are making the game schmeary and if you hold your breath and kick and scream in the cereal aisle because mommy won’t buy you Count Chocula then you are a SPOILT BRAT, right? This should happen across the board RIGHT? RIGHT??!?!

Does it happen? No. Some people can just have and do whatever they want. Some people can just WALTZ down fifth avenue and…

no. I wasn’t going to do that. Who cares? Who listens? Does this even HELP. So no. Not from me …

NOT TODAY! (throws improv dagger)

I will talk about improv tomorrow. I will talk more about myself, soon. Because I will come back here tomorrow (or soon) and write here in this blog some more (or soon).


casual update

back with more wapier writ.

1. I feel better, so I’m going to write a long post about some serious stuff soon.
2. I am tired of worrying about everything I always worry worry worry about, but most especially about grammar, autocorrect, and my #alasicannotspell-laden brain. This is a problem for another generation of rodents. But I always post something on some posty-place and think “AGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHGIDIDSIDFLDSJGAKDKHGAD!!!” and just KNOW I looked like a wrong-its-using idiot-o-tron. What can be done about these horrid matters in a Time of Tiny-assed Keyboards?
3. I don’t even know what I say half the time anymore. but it seems I cannot be stopped sometimes. I consider that I fret about fat thumbs more than a shapely derrière a bit of a win though.
4. I will not post another thing about my dental hygiene.
5. You are now caught in a wormhole.

back with more wapier writ.


1. Hello.
2. I’m doing some things. I thought it was important to tell you people that.
3. I was going to leave a jaunty haiku here, but that’s not the point of these things. I’m feeling rather despairing and cynical about it all so I’m not on the positive path. I’ll kick out soon. I think.
4. There’s a good reason I’m cerebral. It’s cold outside.
5. My cat’s gotten pretty damn needy. I get it.
6. I cracked my iPad. First World Problems. It isn’t really all that bad, and my own damn fault I’m clumsy and didn’t realize that if you continue to walk around with your fragile electronics exposed in a hardwood floor house – ‘tragedy’ will ensue. No one will feel sorry for you then, because who cares about your iPad?
7. I want to say “I have a really cool plan,” but am afraid I’ll jinx it.

If I stop now, maybe I’ll get lucky.


top secret bat guano

1. Greetings. I am sorry I do not ka-blog much anymore.
2. I do post things on the Networks of Social Importance. It is gratifying somewhat. But then my blog kicks sad sand along the pouty beach. Wah.
3. I have 6% battery on this phone.
4. I made it through 3 (in actuality, that’s 4) rounds of the Nur Ein song contest (which is linked on the side there) while all weird and depressed. I’m pretty stoked about this, because for the past four months I have had the mental clarity of bat guano. You can grow vegetables in it, but it does not produce symphonies, albums, or Great Novels.
5. I started going for walks and making routines and steadily working on Top Secret Projects that will Amaze and Delight. Really, they are not secret, they are more just hard to explain at the moment.

My battery power growls at me. I blame stupid Candy Crush and will tag tomorrow. Don’t judge.

top secret bat guano