B.R.A.T.ty Post

I’m sick. The kind of sick we don’t discuss in polite company. So I won’t. I’ve smelled nicer though. &-You’ve all heard it before, but my breath could improve. I have been showering often. I don’t know why I pop on here to tell other people’s phones, tablets, and screens about my level of hygiene. Does this fulfill anyone?

I suppose when I said I wouldn’t discuss being sick, I was Politely Lying. I was saying “oh, you shouldn’t have,” when quite clearly you should–so quite certainly I will. Tastefully, but mournfully, I’ll share with everyone my short list of Woes:

1. Bananas
2. My husband requested a joke here, but I felt it was in poor taste. So all I will say is I advanced several levels in many tiny games and I dont like Sudoku as much as I once did. 
3. Rice.
4. some really DIRE and cryptic texting about what I’m going through with some exceptionally feelingful emojis that got pretty damn insightful but oh yes, I will spare you my tender audience. Plus the death knell of a Medical Call. to my Father, a retired pediatrician–who is just trying to live a life of peace and write a book about how to raise children in a godly fashion. #thestruggleisreal
5. Pudding I found out from him I should not have consumed which contained Regretted dairy. I know because I assembled it from a pudding powder package from scratch.
6. excessively comfortable pants and a percussive headache somehow connected to my digestive processes.


husband went to the Houston Texans game (sorry, luv) and BEL BIV DEVOE did the halftime show and he did not get ONE SECOND of video clip!! 🙀

8. travelling minstrels taking the red-eye to Lovely Austin Bergstrom International Airport #sorry #thestruggleisreal
9. pathetic work sprints in a haze of illness denial.
10. serious bingeFlixing of shows whose plots and cast members I will forever associate with suffering and tiny sips of tea and the aforementioned BRAT diet.
11. A MESSY house that could be worse. This still does not make me want to cross that line where I make the word adult be a verb, but it’s starter-lesquerly.
12. abject misery and a certainty of a very dire future gastronomical outcome indeed.

That’s probably enough, y’all.

ps. Yes, the Texan cheerleaders are wearing jort-overalls over half-shirts. All in white. After Labor Day. 

I have no opinion on these matters. 

‘..If I were you, I’d take precautions.’


photo is:
-the halftime show at the Houston Texans game today featuring the Texan cheerleaders and Bell Biv Devoe doing ‘Poison’ which probably rocked. pic by husband MMcA.

Gnome more Mondays


It’s getting summery. We skipped spring, I think.

I was going to not do a list, but I’m fooling no one.

Ah, April.

1. My Dropbox upload thingy on my iPhone is slow.
2. I clearly have nothing to blog about.
3. This week’s round one entry is approximately two-ish minutes and has already been judged too soft.
4. I think I might record next week’s on my iPhone because my DAW is betraying me with clicks, pops, unexplainable and unwarranted latency issues, and empty promises.
5. I’m starting to think “what’s it all for?” I blame Moon Stations. Which is not what I really mean but is a clever euphoniumism.

before the music starts

1. I feel kind of weird today, like it rained in my brain and I have to shake a lot to get the bits of water out. I think bits of my mind are leaking.
2. My breath could improve. Flossing starts up again today.
3. Gah. I know that’s so gross.
4. My phone hates me. I keep dropping it and kicking it across the floor and things like that.
5. I got new Cubase though. I’m playing with that today.
6. I have some writing to do today but I’m all out of fizzy feelings.
7. My hair is haggy.
8. My feet are un-pretty.
9. I’m just a real mess, aren’t I?

Bed List For a Blog

1. I ate cake. Red velvet. I think I have a carbohydrate intolerance, but I did not finish it {ADDENDUM: the cake. not the carbohydrate indulgence. geez …}
2. I’m changing when I take my pills again in hopes they’ll Work. My sleeping pill which I hardly ever take but need to tonight gives me skunky breath.
3. I think I’ll start feeling more alluring in general in the coming weeks. I’ve been antacid level sexy for months now. this will change and possibly soar up to breath mint sexy, or cream cheese sexy. Maybe fizzy drink sexy. There’s hope there.
4. No more candy crush or that game where the horses fall from the puffy clouds into meat grinders below.
5. More water tomorrow.
6. My new shoes are pleasing me and still feel new.
7. I want to be in a better place. I need more out of life than to float by like this.
8. That baby (my niece) is so cute that dryads are singing songs about her (not the same dryads that sabotaged our Internet at the previous house we lived in).
9. Redirection on my projects tomorrow.
10. This is my official reminder to practice. It’s all about motivation and being motivated helps I think.

dark tea time for yetis

1. I have a yeti. He lives in my stomach. Both the yeti and I have decided I should go on living, and there’s peanut butter in my pantry. There’s underwear and pants here somewhere.
2. Don’t be alarmed, I decided to live long ago. I’ve been pleased with this decision for a while and only privately question it occasionally with the aid of qualified Health Professionals.
3. It’s cool.
4. I don’t mean to trivialize things, but it’s how I deal.
5. I showered a few days ago, so that can wait.
6. I have a tattoo of five cranes on my wrist. That means I only have to do five things today. These are they: (them?/those?/ka-thossle?/thissa-lĂŠ?/thor?)
yeah. okay.
a. Find underdrawrers
b. also caffeine. Preferably coffee, but a Bullet of Mountain Crack will Dew.
c. look at lists of things to do and salvage it into prioritize-y chunks.
d. do absolutely no Internet stalking or obsessing of things I cannot control and read a book. Also eat. Something healthy, which is overachievy so stealing a pop tart would count for fulfillment of this Particular Item.
e. do some filing of random note files strewn about intelli-phones so I can find little things I wrote later and do actual stuff with them at Non-Psycho moment in Shiny Bright Future time of my choosing.
f. go to writer’s group thingy later tonight (this involves putting on more items of clothing besides underwear).

that’s extra. also maybe I’ll eat spaghetti or buttery noodles or ramen or a peanut butter sand-which or a piece of cheese.

Tomorrow I’ll practice and write something. I haven’t made anything good or smart or tasty or aromatic in several days. I helped a friend but am not sure I sang in tune.

I alienated other friends…


I love you people. I’m okay. I’m only sort of lying. Not enough to worry over. We’re all adults here. 🙂


If you look to the side of my blog (if you are on my blog and not reading this on some other sort of thing), you can see that I have Fetching Pink Hair. This makes me Happy. 🙂

I am having some snickky health problems that are making me Un-Happy. Ever since my concerning health problems of 2008, and then again the ones that I had over the last 2-3 years, I have assumed that every time I get a Weird Body Twinge – this time it is The Cancer. I am certain I will only dodge the bullet for so long and that soon my number will be up despite a fortune teller assuring me that I will be an old woman and also I am superstitious.

Photo on 2013-05-31 at 15.52

It has turned out to NOT be a huge problem it is a combination of Stress and Aging. I think that perhaps I am not really aging gracefully but am being dragged into my 40s kicking and screaming like a 6-year-old. This is not very seemly or dignified and I am going to try to do better and not holler and Carry On Cranky in the restaurant of life about not liking the Adult Menu of Destiny and that I would rather have the mac and cheese and Menu Crayons and also I don’t have to do what you say, Mr. Poopy Pants! So There, Underwear!

So when I get all wound up in this way I get all shrill and impossible to live with and I slurk around getting nothing done but worrying and obsession. This is unfortunate, because I just cowrote a cool song about a bounty hunter that is up at songfight by Billy and the Psychotics and you should go listen to the fight and vote for it and other good ones if you feel so inclined-plane. Even now, I am trying to review it today but I have gotten only halfway through them because when I write reviews of anything my documents are encyclopedias of aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa……

I have the relatively new iPhone (pictured) but have not turned on SIRI because I feel that she is creepy. Also, I have a sandwich that would like to be eaten. I know. It told me. Sandwiches are smart.

Bored but Amused … :)

1. I am trying to learn the piano part to Cloud-Cuckoo-Land that I did at songfight a while back and Couch Kitty thinks that the birds are real. SILLY!
2. The kitties do not have blogs. Neither does Flappy. I have ALL kinds of alarms going off right now. It’s going to drive me bonkers. One of them is a duck. I can’t get rid of this duck which tells me to take my pills in the morning. Sadly, this goes with the song I am trying to learn and really truly DOES make me feel as though I am sortakinda living in a mental institution.
3. I am really proud of the song I just did for the sidefight over at songfight-already-linked. Sometimes they do sidefights over there. Mine’s good though and it’s called Shoot Through It. [later edit: fixed link, and may also edit vocal and levels, and call in some consultation on this one :)]
I might do a video for it but I think that is a real laugh and a half because here is the list of things I am DYING to have videos for:

-Vest Factory
-Bluebeard’s Lament (I’ve written this thing out)
-Beatrice Knifetongue (I’ve got this sucker all storyboarded in my head)
-To The End of the World (I’ve got this all plotted out too… unfortunately it’s about someplace I don’t know anything about so whaddayagonnado?!?) 🙂
-Invisible Girl (don’t QUITE have this thought out, but I have a couple really romantic shots in my mind all thought of. This would be pretty freaking cool)

That’s a lot of videos. Two Duality ones. Gosh.

Dude. I’m tired. Dang Musica- Stage-Performers-of-a-Medieval-Persuasion that come through here every few weeks to trash Hotel Luna. Grrrr.
{rest of paragraphage redacted. sheesh. because nobody wants to KNOW, do they really?}

4. Why oh why does coffee get so cold so quickly when it is stupid hot outside. Yes. I know that I am inside and so is my coffee. This is a rhetorical question. Fleh.

5. My timer went off telling me it’s time to get off the computer and practice. See you fine folks later.
6. Stay tuned for later this week when Den learns to TAG HER POSTS!!!!! {sharply indrawn BREATH}

keep your friends close…

There are basic rules of living I would like to re-visit. To reiterate.

1. Keep your phone charged. Don’t lose your charger.
2. Don’t ever completely unpack. Be an ORGANIZED packer.
3. Don’t drink too much in strange places. Or if you do, try to remember the name of your hotel. Sheesh.
4. Don’t get lost in strange places. If you do, make sure you have someone with you. And GPS. Thank goodness for that!
5. Always carry gum or breath mints. Not for anybody else, but for yourself. This is so that when you are performing, you can have a Perfect Performance, and not one where you think at Any Time ‘gee, this would be a lot better if my breath didn’t smell like Tiny Onions from White Castle.’
6. Breathe deeply while travelling if prone to panic attacks. Your surroundings are not reality.
7. Do not take actions that are based upon panicky observations made while travelling.
8. Perfect friends last forever.


1. My phone makes a pleasing little sound of thumbprints slaps as I type into my blog. It alao seems to me that I type twice as fast with this phone than I did with my other phone.
2. Something is bothering me, and I can’t quite articulate it. I know it has something to do with not having control over things; with needing knowledge and resolution and scheduling and pattern and lists. I was talking about this in a chat yesterday. I feel very adrift.
3. I am excited about some new projects I am doing.
4. My NaNoWriMo is far from done, but has reached a word count in a working document. Some of them are research documents. I don’t think some of the documents count though. It’s fine. The total sits at over 63000.

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Two wonderful links.

We had the best Tacos at a place called LaFlor. Perhaps we think this because we have only been going to Maria’s and Torchy’s (both of which are good, although lately Maria’s has not been behaving itself!) and that’s it. But I’m totally ready to up the ante now. There’s other people who care deeply for tacos like me, and you can read some about it on this wonderful website about (I kid you not!) Taco Journalism. I can’t think of a lot of stuff more worthy than that! Well, of course I can … but you know what I’m saying. While you’re thinking of these worthy things … you should be eating tacos.

On the way to Whole Foods to get groceries, I scarfed down my taco like a starving woman. The sauce was like an aphrodisiac. Way too hot for me but I kept pouring it on anyway. I WANTED the pain. I am in for this taco adventure now. So I’m going to go around town and look for these tortures. BRING IT!

A wonderful thing that we used to find this one was this iPhone app. Mike told me he had it on his phone and I said “YOU’VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!? THERE’S AN iTaco???”

I will probably vuh-blog extensively later about this. I’m putting up a new vBlog today on my secret channel about yesterday because I started nur ein.

Tonight it is Taco Tuesday. I found an article about this phenomenon. It’s like

A little list to go then we’re done …
1. this morning I was awakened by a horrible dream! I dreamed that my CPU did that awful whirr-whirr-whirr thing and then BOOM! I haven’t BACKED UP in a while … so


So I bolted out of bed, needless to say.
2. Last night’s icecream has made me SUPER SICK! I can’t eat icecream anymore, this is terribly clear.
3. I have a screaming headache. This could be because I am a vampire, and do not sleep. Why yes, I’d like to suck your blood. Yes, I can refrain from staring at your neck during polite conversations. SUUURREEE… we can just be friends! It doesn’t have to be weird! It’s TOTALLY COOL … #akwardvampireturtle
4. I am getting better and better at dealing with the humans, but I’m not really good at it yet.