It occured to me right-quick that I have no infopage but the moi-stuff in my LogBroll. So here’s a quick list. Because I have to list and all that. I love you, hereIam:

1. My hair changes color. I take REALLY good care of it. um… sometimes.

2. I live in Austin. It gets hot.

3. I’m a musician. But you already knew that didn’t you? 😉 (ref #2)

4. I’m addicted to songwriting contests. It’s a problem. They’re all up the side of my blog. All the songs on my music site were written for them, or because of shennanigans I got myself into because of people I met during them, or in collaborations I got into with people out of them. Yep. Problem child.

5. I get real spazstic. (ref #4)

6. I LOVE to perform and am really good at it, but it’s hard to be in social situations for me. Like, SERIOUSLY difficult. So I stopped. Will I get back into it? Who knows these things? Stay tuna-ed…

7. Alas, I Cannot Spell (#aics)

8. I have a tenuous relationship with social media. I will explain this at some point soon, you mark my words. For now – there are links to some of my many places up the side of my blog.

9.  I write heaps of poems and ka-trillions of song lyrics.

10. I’m married. Mike is my husband and we like brunch (Austinites are addicted to brunch).

11. I am in a LOT of collaborations. I explain those … yeah. Up the side. I’ve got some dodgy business going on, that’s for sure…

12. I used to be secretive about what I do and who I collab with and HOW I do it … but now I’m just a big crunchy Ho because social media has made me all TWEETY-tweet-tweet-Likeddy-like-like-plussy-like-Tweet-Smack-klout-POW! ZHING!

14. Sometimes I skip numbers and spell weird stuff wrong on porpoise. I like things that sound fun. I am very superstitious. Right now I would like a peanut butter sandwich. These thoughts are unrelated.

15. I make up words and noises and I can’t spell and I forget punctuation and I sometimes leave off question marks or I put question marks on statements. This isn’t because I’m durm or anything. Flarg. If you don’t like it go write up something charming about how annoying people like me are and post it up somewhere. Ewwwww. Burn you! See, it’s not nice to be mean is it?

No. I’ll try my best to spell good. Promise 🙂 And I’ll be nice. No, really. 🙂

16. I’m WAY into self-portraiture and am all over the internet like a creeping mold. Fuzzy, green, but not smelly. Like a lichen sorta – to coin a phrase my sister-in-law and I say in weird voices. Yes, you had to be there.

17. I don’t play well with others but I’m amicable and I clean up nice.

18. I have a WONDERFUL family, with VERY talented siblings – all of whom are boys.  I love my parents – but I miss my mom.

19. I have a computer I have named The Cylon (or Cylon McSmackbook) and my kittys have aliases too and I have LOTS of online identities. I may or may not talk about them. Sometimes my nose itches. It’s really late here.

20. I like tacos and mac and cheese and popcorn and cheese and cake and cheese and…

21. I like elves. Also we have dryads living in our house that are messing up our internet. Last house it was Bird Highway and the Squirrels messing up my recording; and the Raccoons of Death downstairs.

22. Twenty three is my favorite number EVER

23. Sometimes I am difficult just on general princibubble.

20. I have four or five REALLY nerdy secrets.

18. I once ripped an entire toenail off during a gig.

17. I provide too much information, sometimes.

24. I don’t like to judge anymore. Whatever I’m doing RIGHT then is my favorite thing!

25. I fall in love SOOOOOOOOO easily. My relationships are very complicated. I have a happy life though and live in a very stable environment.

26. I care deeply about things, but keep cards close to my chest, because I REALLY care more about not offending people.

27. My heart breaks quickly, but I forgive at the drop of a hat. I remember, however … FOREVER.

28. I make peace when I can, and have cell-wall-membrane-shaped boundaries when I have to. I’ve learned a lot the hard way.

29. Everything has secret code and sensuality in it. Like raspberry jam. I smear up stuff with all that. I’m not trying to be icky though …

tripple swwweeearrrrr.

30. I like to be upside down sometimes.

31. I like to touch people’s soft earlobes – and that’s just the way it is. I won’t do it if it creeps you out.

32. I stare at people because they are pretty.

33. is a very twisty number, and I’m tired of talking about myself now. I get interested in other people and sometimes will obsess about you randomly for a week or two. Try not to get freaked out if you get stalked, or are one of “the 12” (it’s more like 5-8 now, I’m getting too old to keep track of all my little crushy-crushes!) … or get linked to, or if I just … LIKE you, okay?

There’s not enough love in the world 🙂


3 thoughts on “#denforthewin

  1. I just nominated you for The Liebster Award For Bloggers!
    So much gratitude to lifeisanexquisitejourney for norminating me for the Liebster Award! It was completely unexpected.
    The Liebster Award… ‘is given to bloggers who inspire you and have less than 200 followers. The Liebster Award takes its name from the German word meaning ‘Beloved, Dearest or Favorite.’
    It is an honor to be recognized as inspirational and the contents of my blog appreciated in this manner.
    I’ve been made aware that I firstly have to link back to the person who gave me the award and thank them, which is the obvious response I have already done. Next, I should post the award to my blog. That would be very unlike me, so I’ll keep that pending; until I’m very certain whatever decision I make regarding this wouldn’t offend anybody.
    Then, I’m now empowered to give the award to 5 other bloggers with less than 200 followers, that catch my fancy. Those I ‘appreciate and value’.
    It is indeed ‘a great way to get word out there about other blogs!’
    Finaly, I’m to leave comments on each of these 5 bloggers to let them know that they are also recipeints of this award.
    Nominating 5 bloggers is going to be a tough one because most of those I follow actually inspired me in different ways and I’m thankful to them all!
    It will however be a shame to have this opportunity and not extend it to some wonderful bloggers who had made me smile, muster and ponder like I always seek and desire to.
    I will give this award, in no particular order;
    To wordart2012 ! For an exceptional artistry with words.
    To truelovejunkie ! For the captivating manner feelings are expressed.
    To Matthew Andrako ! For inspirational perspectives that are articulated insightfully.
    To insidethebirdcage ! For writing about birds like nobody else could.
    And to philosophywithfries ! For not only the sheer creativity of the blog’s title but also the incisive logic of the posts.
    Visit these blogs and they’ll grab your attention in their small but forceful ways.
    Enjoy them!
    Yas Niger

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