Diagnosing Politics

I have been quiet about politics. For one reason. 
The “c” word. 
If people at the top of politics are “crazy,” then they are being labeled. Okay. Fair enough. If people at the top of politics are being called *mentally ill*…or *unstable…* that’s alarming.

It took me a LONG time to discuss anything about myself. I made a post on Facebook about a thing that happened to me at the department of public safety that was invasive and embarrassing. Now I’m thinking ‘oh geez…’ and “should I erase this?!” 
I fear that “mentally ill” or “bipolar” or “schizophrenic” or ” manic depressive” may soon become code for “unhinged” or “white supremacist” or “bigot” or “racist” or “unstable.”
I am not this. I don’t want this.
Please don’t mistake me.
For future reference, please don’t turn me into a sheep*, or lock me up. 

I do have a “mental illness.” I am under treatment.
I am not a joke.

*previously, I had asked not to hypothetically be harassed in other nasty ways. This has happened to too many others I know before. And me a little bit sort of almost but I backed down and hid and would again in a heartbeat. I’m a coward online and in real life. I think there’s no shame in self-preservation. This is mostly because of my illness. This is why I would systematically go back through and erase my whole life, or any evidence of “thought crime.” Because you don’t know who is dangerous or what will happen in the future, sadly. 

Diagnosing Politics

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