more January

  1. I have left Facebook for the day. For now. I got out by the skin of my ass.

2. I have a warm dog on my leg and herbal tea in a saucer on my lap He’s featured in the photo. No work will get done this day.

3. I took a walk and burned 88 calories. He burned 70,024. 

4. Started watching Jessica Jones on Netflix and finished it. David Tennant as villain guy is so good he makes me want to curl up with the whole Him-seasons of Dr.Who stuff just to comfort myself.

5. I hope that didn’t spoil anything for anyone. I’m WAY paranoid about that lately. It’s been a hairy winter and I’m sorta off my social fitness game and am not okay for human company lately. MANY snafus.

ps. this tea is NUTS!

more January

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