Rewind a tape enough–
it breaks.
We don’t use tape now. The numbers,
they fly around. They absorb things.
We argued about headroom, and it was a stupid thing to fight about.
I wanted to know about boosting signals, getting more. You were mainly letting me know how to avoid the
squashy sounds.
Don’t cut the tops off of the peaks.
I can remember these things now
Now that it doesn’t even matter who sees,
I can say these things out loud.
Is it all a metaphor? Not really. 
I still hit the red button when I’m sad, or mad, or angry-lonely-proud.
I know the cuts are coming …
Rewind the tape back to the points you splice
throw it all up in the air,
snip-cut, nip-tuck and paste,

and turn it back around.

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