1. was rather wrong about things improving. They briefly rocked, then chose to nosedive into a valley of suck. Now I am wallowing in mild to moderate Flarg. It’s not worth calling it despair. I have good meds, and two wrongs don’t make a rotunda.
2. Going back to exercise class. Too early to be a flake.
3. I have to do well on this unfortunate title that’s up now. My current song blows the kracken, but in a good way. Maybe I should experiment myself right out of the contestio!
4. I have a bad headache and this is its second night and can’t sleep. For a couple glorious days it stopped but I’ve had a low grade headache for a couple weeks and the caffeine isn’t helping. Hoping I can exercise it out. I’m going to try a lot of stuff.

May the Fourth was yesterday. So I’m stopping at five. Happy Cinco de Mayo! 🙂


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