the numb was there for a reason
don’t ruffle its wings. don’t mess
its head or ask too many questions
of it.
to find your way out of it is a noble thought, but a bad idea. 
only work will do.
and only descriptions of the obvious in
short sentences.
“I have a headache.”
“I don’t want to eat today.”
“I don’t feel like a movie.”
so keep not feeling like anything.
that is a good way to avoid the cry that grabs your ribcage to shake your body,
thinking you’re a kid’s bank.
there’s got to be more shiny dimes inside of you … every last one can’t have been combined yet to make enough full dollars.
Sooner or later grownups wise up and remember little piggies can just be 
here’s to another shard of porcelain,

to add to the collection.
..all things wither.

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