Number 31.

I made a list of stuff that might make it into one of the “Things” I’m kinda doing. I’ve been working on it for a while. I’ve been THINKING a lot. This is some of it. I know there’s a lot of la la la happy-be nice stuff around. But there is also much that is miserabubble, so maybe it’s necessary to spread joy. 🙂 And my mood magically got Calm last night (#pizza) so … better morning today. 🙂


  1. Be what you are the best that you can–as much as you are allowed to … and then more.
  2. Feel what you feel.
  3. Vent a little … or a lot.
  4. Need people, places, and things.
  5. Curb your annoyance.
  6. Suffer fools … to a point.
  7. Brag infrequently but skillfully. 🏆
  8. Apologize relevantly.
  9. Love hugely and really well. 🙂
  10. Hate hardly ever.
  11. Stop spreading gloom.
  12. Weather criticism bravely and anger graciously.
  13. Uphold boundaries firmly.
  14. Apply discretion calmly, trusting yourself.
  15. Debate sanely.
  16. Judge absolutely when self-perfection is attained.
  17. Lie with caution, forethought, and humility.
  18. Forgive carefully.
  19. Pursue folly cautiously … and rarely.
  20. Trust sometimes.
  21. Avoid the casual fib.
  22. Eschew the false compliment.
  23. Refrain from subtle, yet oily social gloating.
  24. Tell someone else up.
  25. Don’t. rub. it. in.
  26. Do not throw rocks at the other children.
  27. Step down a peg.
  28. Aim up six.
  29. Buy bigger britches.
  30. Wear your neighbor’s shoes.
  31. Be nice.
  32. no … really…  just be NICE
  33. enjoy yourself.
Number 31.

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