New Year Post

1. Happy ‘New Year Post.’ No one has called their blog post this today.
2. During 2014, I feared blogging because everyone this past year has been so frickkin unique. I sound kind of bitter about that, don’t I? It’s not like I want a clone army. Really. I don’t.
3. If I had a clone army, they would do my bidding. I’m sure that this would not be a unique specification for a clone army.
4. I am not going to tell you any of my resolutions, or whether or not I made any, because such things are pointless. I will remind you that the Girl Scouts will come in February, and that we will be ready for them. We will buy their venomous wares in moderation, and nothing will go awry with any plans we may (or may not) have made.
5. Last year didn’t suck, but it didn’t rule either. I’m not going to make predictions about next year. I’m not making any:
-Pastoral Portraits with tiny Piglets
-Plum Puddings
6. should all equations be four, quad?
that was horrible.
It is no longer appropriate to write this blog in the Eastern Hemisforest. Or across the sea, or in the sea with the fish. They are probably sleeping.
7. Anyway, I made a list, and I did stuff on it. More tomorrow. No. Really.

New Year Post

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