just in time :(

Photo on 10-24-14 at 10.57 PM #4

so. Just in time for the blogathon. I sliced my finger with a kitchen tool. because I am a tool. Also, my websites are not updated. Or functional. Because I suck big eggo. But enough with the self loathing. I have written many Entertaining and Meritorious songs and learned totally all about how to record all the sounds! That’s right! I’m all done!

(no. Not really. We are NEVER done learning audio. Hear that? NEVER EVER!!! BWAHAHAHAHAH! It’s like prison. For EAR MURDERERS. Because that’s what I do. I murder your EARS! But more on that tomorrow when I learn to type really fast with my stylus and my right hand! Also I’ll update on my goings on with tiny and informative videos.(…..))


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