1. I have Another Bizarre Health problem. I don’t want to blog about it though, because it’s totally geriatric.
 2. Wow. this is a fascinating way to begin a blog entry. I ooze with sex appeal. See me sparkle. Hrrrrrah!
 3. (that was the noise made by an alluring blog post. in case you were wondering)
 4. Oh!! I totally broke google today! You know how I have Identities and all that. Well, i was trying to opt out of ads and assign things to the right places and get my ducks in a row and I caused a huge problem for DJ Ranger Den and she didn’t link to anything anymore and it was dumb. All of a sudden stuff was hanging out everywhere and my internet spleen was hanging out and my super secret blog that makes me zippy and mysterious was assigned to my business account and I’m really not drinking enough water and ugh thyroidmeds hell no totally not necessary also run-on and It’s frickkin mosquito weather all the time. Why don’t we have coffee faeries?
 5. No one notices all this controversy but me.
 6. Oh for crying out loud…..
 7. It’s like watching cereal sog up. I’m sorry y’all. I got nuthin…. :/


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