1. I feel less sick now. This is a start. However, I think I’ve got the arthritis. There is NO way to spin Smartphone Arthritis into sexy.
2. This is the Epi Tome of a first world problem. But rest ashirley, you’re only getting four list items today.
3. Yeah, I’m gonna floss tonight. Just for Those who have missed the update, or care. Geeze, is there ANYONE, or am I talking to a wall?
4. I may try Ghost Radar tonight, since it’s been a’While-zo. Just to see.

I swear I shall FINALLY finish the damn Game of Thrones before Winter encroached upon the south. I’ve been blog-lying a lot, and that really should have been number five.

The Spacebook Guy says that telepathy is the wave of the future. I think this is slightly alarming since I am overly concerned with privacy and the concept of Thought Police. Think about combining social media, wearables, and Thought and Fashion police. It’s like someone poisoned the orWell. laaaalzzzzzz.

I’m going to do something that involves having stumps for arms rather than achy joints or making anymore paranoise. Not that I’m referring to anything in particular. Because I’m not.

valar morghulis.


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