some short facts.

1. coffee gets cold too quickly, and it’s a damn shame.
2. i’m not feeling very creative lately and am in that weird place where I look at things that I wrote in The Long Ago and think “wow! I wrote that?!
3. HTML often does not behave itself and must be managed like an unruly child that refuses to finish its broccoli.
4. I have to spell check ‘broccolil’ often (I didn’t there), and also don’t usually refer to children as “it.”
5. my breath could improve and I do realize you’re all sick of hearing about this sad fact.
6. I have no idea why we capitalize ‘I’ in sentences if we are not going to capitalize “me” as well. I’m sure there’s some reason that I would find “oh duh”-inducing, but probably still would not like.
7. My house is haunted and I keep hearing loud, unexplainable noises.
8. I shouldn’t like buffalo wings but I do anyway.
9. I have never mown the grass. There has always been someone around me who would prefer to do this chore and I have never protested because it seemed like such an arduous task and also I felt a little sorry for the grass (I actually did, I’m not just being funny-for-show). Plus, it was just going to grow back anyhow and living in a huge jungle-y thicket has some small romantic appeal.

some short facts.

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