growing pains

1. I am having a terrible migraine
2. I’m in a really weird mood
3. I think I’m getting sick.
4. I’m at that weird place where I’m on the edge of figuring it out. So things aren’t good in the meantime.
5. It’s a burden sometimes, when you don’t feel well and you feel like falling apart, but you still have to keep your poise. I think of this. There’s a little Russian ice skater and she’s 15. She probably doesn’t think it’s that big a deal. She said that having all the emotion is useless if there are no elements to hang it on. I’m not there yet, with the elements. And I’m running out of time.
6. I’m going to write more about this tomorrow. I’m having a rough time right now. Like really rough. But it’s not so bad. 🙂 I’m just tired.

growing pains

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