bzzzzzzzz boring list

1. I have a pervasive and disturbing hangnail.
2. I’ve probably (why did this autocorrect to ‘bro baby’?) been in a fetid mood because I had diet soda and I’ve been off it mostly. Also I smoked a tiny cigarette because my water poofy thingy broke. So my stomach hates me.
3. Honey helps everything. I have good local stuff from rambunctious rebel bees.
4. My room grows messes from out of the floor.
5. My breath could stand improvement. Maybe it should learn to ice skate.
6. I will go drink coffee after I finish here (this will not fix my breath but will make my eyeballs glad).
7. I need to make some new goals because I went “pfszzzzzz” as far as Direction goes. It’s disorganization and it’s never been this bad. That’s really why I got so quietly scarce. It’s a Too Much Stimuli thing.
8. suspiciousden found a new dailybooth, but she is still suspicious of it and only used it a few times. She might make more of a comeback. Some of the other People-of-Me have worked…too well maybe.
9. I put my iPad in a carrier for ammunition. It’s pink and looks like a book bag. I don’t know why I have it. I don’t own a gun.
10. I may paint my toenails today. Maybe that will fix a lot of things. I’ve always been kind of girly. I’d better record though first and do reviews, and write 7000 words or so. The bees like to be busy. 🙂

bzzzzzzzz boring list

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