1. Hello.
2. I’m doing some things. I thought it was important to tell you people that.
3. I was going to leave a jaunty haiku here, but that’s not the point of these things. I’m feeling rather despairing and cynical about it all so I’m not on the positive path. I’ll kick out soon. I think.
4. There’s a good reason I’m cerebral. It’s cold outside.
5. My cat’s gotten pretty damn needy. I get it.
6. I cracked my iPad. First World Problems. It isn’t really all that bad, and my own damn fault I’m clumsy and didn’t realize that if you continue to walk around with your fragile electronics exposed in a hardwood floor house – ‘tragedy’ will ensue. No one will feel sorry for you then, because who cares about your iPad?
7. I want to say “I have a really cool plan,” but am afraid I’ll jinx it.

If I stop now, maybe I’ll get lucky.


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