one more time ….. :)

apologies if you read this in G+ … just skip it if you did. I like this one though 🙂

‘unwilling ilunga’

picture something lovely
from the past…
paired beside the vilest asp.
then picture hiding it inside
your dress.
forgiving it. forgetting it.
that is how love learns
to make nice.

after the jungle-tumble of a soul-slap heals
and sorts out to a path,
stare across a spiky city into ice.
creep quiet through the tunnels
with anonymous rats, think twice
about ever trying again, for that!
Staple on that grin!
then beg, stupidly, relentlessly for
one. Last. time.
and, casually
(…as if accidentally),
give coordinates…

Miss the little things
shut those clear bright eyes.
move on, far beyond surprised.
Make another sensible choice
to not forget
that broken mend.

Nonetheless, the soul continues
stubbornly loving
and forgiving
infinite times.

-d.hudson/oct 2013


one more time ….. :)

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