zest-fully clean.

1. today I am feeling a little blue, because I have been sick and I don’t understand it. Things I don’t understand and can’t control make me frustrated. So I wore blue and did some writing and went around in my underdrawers (#tmi) and socks and coffee (I drank the coffee, I didn’t wear it) but did NOT answer the door when strangers came. I indulged in the privacy of my own homeostasis. It was grand. I feel better.

2. I require noodles now. I think I’ll make them. With butter. Just a little butter. I haven’t been eating well. I could use some vegetables but we’ll cross that broccoli when we cucumber it.

3. Somebody help me.

4. I have projects. Rest assured, stuff is a’happening. Like exciting stuff. I’m purchasing props and stuff. Yes. Props. Isn’t THAT some exciting teaser-ly information!?

5. I’m happy to report that my breath has improved a great deal. I flossed last night like no one has flossed in many a year. I had the freshest breath in the entire nation. I’m going to do it again tonight. I am going to engage in proper dental hygiene every day for an entire week in an effort to become a proper grown up human before I turn 40. It’s the little things, I feel, that make us stronger. I might be REALLY turning you folks off right now, but it’s important to make small-assed goals and not bite off more than we can choo-choo.

zest-fully clean.

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