Frog and Toad make Lists

1. I like to make lists. I’ve been doing them since I was tiny, apparently.
2. Apparently also, my skills at plot development and dialogue haven’t improved any from my youth. Not sure how old I am here.
3. My teacher thinks I’m excellent.
4. Blogathon Saturday. I’m off my game this year because of Things and Stuff; but I’m going to hang back and Learn and keep motivated. Kinda like a wordSpy. We’ll get there. Right now I’m pushing the bike up the hill. But I’m still smiling. Because I’m brave.
5. I’m nobody’s lunch. 😉
6. This is what the Story says:

Frog and toad together Chapter 1 a list
One morn – ing toad made a list that said: wake up put on close eat Brekfast. That’s funny. I don’t have wilgle my ears toad said then he spit at his list.
chapter 2 I’m not afraid.
One day Frog Went to toad’s house. He said let’s go out to see if we are brave let’s go out. I don’t want to go out Frog said toad. Please let’s go siad Frog. Ok but_I don’t want to be scard. So on they went. But they saw an eagel and ran. Later they saw a scary cave And a snake came out. He said hello lunch! They ran home ————> They got in to bed. ——–> Frog said / We are brave ———> Toad said ——> You are / right



Frog and Toad make Lists

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