swirly noodles with no water.

1. I ate ramen. no water. I have it swirly.
2. I twittered.
3. I wrote 1/3 of 3 songs. This does not equal 1 song.
4. I worried and slept late. I judged myself harshly by other people’s standards, which people close in who love me don’t do.
5. I stared at water and didn’t drink it because it tastes boring today. I worried about my five year plan.
6. I thought about being provocative.
7. I thought about making pancakes (these thoughts are actually unrelated).
8. I thought about books and realized I’ve had a headache. I realized I’m a vague and gauzy sort and there’s not much to be done for it.
9. I haven’t taken a trip in a while and it’s because I need to be here now.
10. I belong in a mental place I can see off in the future, which beckons hopefully like a star. it’s nice to have a compass, even if it’s vague and you’re kind of flying blind.

swirly noodles with no water.

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