worst-case-scenario handbook for her – live burial autumn collection

typical of you
the model should last
an hour or two
take deep breaths
don't light a match
yelling will lead to panic
like all futile cries for help.

recycled lids, will have some give
if you feel flex.
she'll make the shirt a shroud
and wind it around the head
like a summer scarf
you'd keep your sunset hair in.

if she sees her space
is ironclad
escape will be
don't think about
that you could be
the one the villain got away with
just work it.

maybe …
a ring
a key
(a jeweled hip flask!)
Then -
three quick taps
three slower then
and SOS
anything, just hear it!
..and come to damsel distress
maybe listening, maybe there's something to this.
these days maybe with underground reception
send a brief, well thought out text. 
"I'm running out of air lol. send reinforcements"

if the thing is made of pine
kick at the cheapness of it
with stilletto anklet boots
'till the dirt rushes right in
-try to sift-quick to the bottom,
filter it out.
stand up on
what weighed it, silent down
and then climb out
looking worse for wear
like an archeology adventurer
but still like
what the Dead dragged in.

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