dark tea time for yetis

1. I have a yeti. He lives in my stomach. Both the yeti and I have decided I should go on living, and there’s peanut butter in my pantry. There’s underwear and pants here somewhere.
2. Don’t be alarmed, I decided to live long ago. I’ve been pleased with this decision for a while and only privately question it occasionally with the aid of qualified Health Professionals.
3. It’s cool.
4. I don’t mean to trivialize things, but it’s how I deal.
5. I showered a few days ago, so that can wait.
6. I have a tattoo of five cranes on my wrist. That means I only have to do five things today. These are they: (them?/those?/ka-thossle?/thissa-lé?/thor?)
yeah. okay.
a. Find underdrawrers
b. also caffeine. Preferably coffee, but a Bullet of Mountain Crack will Dew.
c. look at lists of things to do and salvage it into prioritize-y chunks.
d. do absolutely no Internet stalking or obsessing of things I cannot control and read a book. Also eat. Something healthy, which is overachievy so stealing a pop tart would count for fulfillment of this Particular Item.
e. do some filing of random note files strewn about intelli-phones so I can find little things I wrote later and do actual stuff with them at Non-Psycho moment in Shiny Bright Future time of my choosing.
f. go to writer’s group thingy later tonight (this involves putting on more items of clothing besides underwear).

that’s extra. also maybe I’ll eat spaghetti or buttery noodles or ramen or a peanut butter sand-which or a piece of cheese.

Tomorrow I’ll practice and write something. I haven’t made anything good or smart or tasty or aromatic in several days. I helped a friend but am not sure I sang in tune.

I alienated other friends…


I love you people. I’m okay. I’m only sort of lying. Not enough to worry over. We’re all adults here. 🙂

dark tea time for yetis

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