oh good gravy………..

1. well it is just a HIDEOUS day. There is really no point in trying to pretend anymore that the delicate house of cards hasn’t fallen apart and that my life isn’t based on hedonism and lies. /drama
2. The Travelling Minstrels of Death and Despair are back in Hotel Luna creating Havoc and I have a HUGE-O list of REAL things to do. I cannot cry over spilled silliness, such as the fact that I am getting old and shall most likely never be in a touring rock band or live by the sea. Instead of weeping or eating banana pudding ice cream and Nutella and magic shell, I should probably practice.
3. I did actually practice. I sound bad ass. Also I’m going to blog another poem today WITH a cool photo in G+ so the Minstrels messing up my girl groove can heartily suck bad eggo.
4. Hedonism. I’m addicted to lots of things that are bad for me and my skin and have made me large and bloated and gurgly and oily and pock-marked. I am sexy like elderly oh-possum. Yep. Work it. No, no photographs please.
5. I’m meant to be out in public amongst humans soon looking faintly nice. I fear for that possibility, that I will not do this well.
6. All I need is one disappointment right now to do me in, so I’m systematically and mercilessly cutting all unreliable and upsetting things permanently out of my life right now because I can’t deal. I feel like I’m entitled to do this. I get to take lots of time to do as I like.
7. I had a really hard YEAR like I’m having a hard day today. This is one of those situations where you isolate because you don’t want to get into your problems but you REALLY shouldn’t isolate. So I’m saying I’m not okay, which is scary. I’ve been through crazytown.

But I’m going to be okay. I asked for help, and sometimes that’s all you need to do. You need to figure out when to crawl out of your pit.


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