a cheerful list of nothing

1. three blogs in one day is a lot after nothing, but I am nothing if not In-consistent.

2. It will mostly be pictures of cute youngsters coming in the next few days. This will just have to Do. #awwwwwh.

3. I am feeling less complainy and need Tater Tots.

4. My hair is greasy. No, I did not put tater tots on it. It being a plural, meaning “my hairs.”

5. I should know better than to eat crap, but it seems that I cannot be stopped.

6. I brewed a pot of coffee and did not drink it this morning because my coffee pot is behaving suspiciously.

7. I’m going to try to blog more and have some Hilarious plans in the works. Also plans to promote my Hilarity, so things might start a’brewin.

8. I’m needed at the store. Sugary snacks need a’purchasin’. Yee-haw.

9. Are you allowed to Yarn and a’hanker several times in the same post?

10. ….wow. It’s time to feed my face.

a cheerful list of nothing

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