Out of Touch

1. We’re going to see Hall and Oates tonight, which is really exciting. 🙂 We’re going with my stepbrother Brett. So this week is already starting off awesome! 🙂
2. Downtown Austin has totally changed. It’s weird when something so familiar does a 180 and you hardly recognize it anymore. It’s like a cold-weird metropolis now instead of a small cozy city. I guess I’ll have to adjust if I’m gonna play with the big boyz. 🙂
3. Parking is a zoo!
4. New hair on Thursday! I can’t wait for a brand NEW me (just kidding. sort of :)) pictures will follow
5. Had troubles with my mail all day today and am cramped and sore from sitting in a desk chair wrestling with that.
6. I’m chewing gum, which is odd for me.
7. I think I’ve become boring…

Out of Touch

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