top secret bat guano

1. Greetings. I am sorry I do not ka-blog much anymore.
2. I do post things on the Networks of Social Importance. It is gratifying somewhat. But then my blog kicks sad sand along the pouty beach. Wah.
3. I have 6% battery on this phone.
4. I made it through 3 (in actuality, that’s 4) rounds of the Nur Ein song contest (which is linked on the side there) while all weird and depressed. I’m pretty stoked about this, because for the past four months I have had the mental clarity of bat guano. You can grow vegetables in it, but it does not produce symphonies, albums, or Great Novels.
5. I started going for walks and making routines and steadily working on Top Secret Projects that will Amaze and Delight. Really, they are not secret, they are more just hard to explain at the moment.

My battery power growls at me. I blame stupid Candy Crush and will tag tomorrow. Don’t judge.

top secret bat guano

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