Spaghetti Brained Blog Entry. Read at your Peril.

1. I’ve been Social Nyet-working and calling this blogging and ignoring things here because it has been a reminder that I am not properly set up on my own Situation yet. That being my Website-like-a-normal-person-which-I-own. Computer Situations fill me with dread. I’ve given myself a hard deadline and a Shame Schedule. This is a good thing. Seriously. It’s not bad shame, it’s the motivational kind. I don’t know what that means, so here is a limerick.

By the River there lived a Crude frog
He swam out to sit on a log
he pulled down his pants
and did a Lewd Dance
and he ought to be ashamed of himself…

2. See. That’s Poem shame. That’s just healthy good sense.

3. Haha! As we can air-plane-ly see, reality has deserted me for the evening.
4. I have made several charming videos of myself playing a few of the songs I wrote for songfight recently. I’ll post some when I decide which ones make me look cool and like I regularly comb my hair and do laundry.

5. I am totally professional and really worth looking into and not just Yanking Your Chain (I’m using the royal You. Earlier today I used the royal We. I could get accustomed to that.). By now you have figured out that this is a blog that is a waste of your time and is about nothing.

6. I ate chocolate today and listened to some well recorded jazz. The chocolate had orange in it. They have bacon in the chocolate now. Bacon is the new cupcake, which was the new taco, I suppose. I had a taco as well. There’s peach pie here too. I don’t sound real healthy, do I?

7. I need to listen to music more. It’s probably odd to hear a musician say this because I hear musicians talk lots about how they are always listening to music and I am often overwhelmed by stimuli and would like to live in a silent cave (not really, i fear bats. there used to be bats in college at the music building. one flew at me in a practice room. I’m not lying.). But I guess CaveFishy-ness is Bad Behavior when we are considering the worthy quest to be come a well rounded individual (not just a round individual, which will happen if I eat all of the pie tomorrow 🙂 yumyumyum).

7.5- also we’re going to brunch tomorrow. Austinites are addicted to brunch.
7.75-Same with reading as with music though. I probably need to go back into another Research and Development phase. I was in one a few years ago and it felt really good. Then I got really overwhelmed by Information and my Filters broke. This turns you into a babbling idiot and it’s hard to make content when you are hiding from the Internet because you feel like if you go outside you will be killed by a flying library. That would be a good way to go, if one had to. But it’s hard to think..

8. I’ve hermitted and made a lot of content. I’ve been pretty strict about what goes in my ears. A lot has to do with proximity, obligation, and my relationships. I think I’d like to start pursuing interests that just reflect things I like. I’m afraid that I will like things that everyone else hates though. I really sometimes like to hear the beginning of a song over and over. Or just the way someone sings one word. What if I like something really “lame?” I fear sometimes I have no taste. But isn’t this one of those things?

I have a lot of questions and am finding things objectionable today. Many things have been highly annoying.

9. This blog is really scattered. I should probably not hit Publish.

I owe a few people some phone calls and I know this.

Spaghetti Brained Blog Entry. Read at your Peril.

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