It’s Vampire Season.

1. Something strange happened to me today. I think that I am starting to feel more spiritual.
2. This does not mean that I am feeling more Religious.
3. I have not been blogging very much, because it is a terrible idea for me to engage in Blogging While Bitchy.
4. My health situation should be in an “in the know” state sometime next week.
5. I am finding social networking more and more exceedingly annoying. This is giving me a more clinical detachment from it than ever before. This is not really a good thing, because being warm and emotionally engaged was what made me … well, ME.
6. It’s Vampire Season, I’m noticing.
7. I like people to be interested in me because they feel I am creative and have something to say. I like people. I had a great weekend and am learning more and more that I actually DO like people … that if there weren’t so much MEAN-NESS in the world, I might be straddled well between introversion and extroversion. With a little more emphasis on being introverted, perhaps I could get lots of self-directed work done. I think I drew inward because of disappointments and extended hurt and fear.

I am hoping that this can be healed, with time.

It’s Vampire Season.

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