More D Than Perhaps You Need (‘SHA!!)

20120913-163616.jpg1. I’ve been lying kinda low lately. It’s blogathon though this weekend, so I’ll probably become a real Twitter-nuisance 🙂
2. My kitchen is done. This is a Big Deal. We have lots of Space 🙂 I’m going to cook and have made grand, almost domesticcy plans. I do not care if this sounds lame. Denise New Year approaches (Oct 1)
3. Aren’t those the cutest tomatoes? We saw them at the store-zo. I don’t want to buy everything I see so I took a photo. It has not been Any-Thing-O-Grammed; those are just tomatoes in Well Lit Produce Section Lighting. Soon, it will be Tomato Soup Night weather. That’ll be ……. scrumptious. You’ll smell the garlic breath from wherever you are reading this, and shall Not!! want!! to kiss me!! Myself, I am fond of the garlic because vampire kissing never does anyone any good!
4. I need to journal and blog more. For myself. I think I’ve been scarce, because I’ve needed to be by myself. The piano and I have been eyeing one another like a couple who went “on a break” to “see other people.” there are some hurt feelings and ruffled feathers. Bad beliefs have set in. I’ve listened to, accepted, and possibly even encouraged surface-level definitions of myself that have been counter-productive. I’m way more of a spotlight person and less of a “wow! Youre SOOOOO amazing!!” person than I let on. I love to support others, but I have done this to my own detriment; ignoring the gentle feeling that kicks in which says ‘Enough now…’ Resultingly, there’s not enough left of me to throw into things and people I do feel really invested in. I’m behind on a lot of stuff I feel really passionate about. I’ve been fortunate to live in a kind to test environment where I’ve been able to rehearse the management of Where I Put My Time. Failure in this area isn’t undoing me. But it’s time to get serious because this won’t last. Not if I’m to market myself, or whatever. It’s just difficult to go back to the way I used to think of myself years ago, even though I have more skills now than I did then. Why would I value myself less?
Wow..thanks for letting me lay on your leather couch and yak at you while you took this time to read my blog! I DO feel better. Why yes, you are welcome to talk about your childhood or your grief over your Failed Tomato Crop in the comments section.
4. Also, I’ve been sick. This isn’t a huge Big Thing because I often am sick lately and have stuff..but this time it’s mysterious and I’m going to the doctor to ask what is going on. I don’t feel awful about this…I feel pretty positive about most everything right now. So maybe this will affect me well physically. Who knows these things? No, I will not post a blog about it if it’s something s’nasty. #thatmightbealie
5. I am feeling weird about personal posts again. Like “this isn’t very professional.” Yes. That same old crap. Clearly, I’m not QUITE ready for prime time, since I have yet to Accept the fact that I have blogged about Personal topics in a General fashion since before we stood in the lines for the Star Wars prequels (this is actually true).
6. We got addicted to Downton Abbey. Woe is us. If this isn’t a First World Prob, I don’t know what is. They don’t have the second season on Netflix, so I s’pose kingdoms shall fall… This is getting too long…
7. Additionally, this post is boring me like apple butter used to bore me when I was like 7 or so. I guess I didn’t really see the point of such a spread. It’s actually kind of tasty though. One shouldn’t disparage their own Self in their Promotions I guess, but if you have anything to say about my Tone perhaps for today just Hush and eat your toast and be happy I am blogging again, for Pete’s sake (who *IS* Pete anyway?)!

More D Than Perhaps You Need (‘SHA!!)

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