everyone knew her as nancy …

I am up very late-early. I have a few short items of business before bed.
1. I have a LOT of tabs open. I have been a bizzy little blogging bee. We are getting all taggy with this blog. Rest assured, by the time BlogathonATX rolls around next month … I REALLY WILL be ready THIS time!!! This is unlike last time, when I was doing Nur Ein at the same time, so I was just pretend ready.
2. Raccoons may seriously suck it. They are not cute, and they are not charming. They are horrible, pesty creatures and they are giving Domina conniptions.
3. I’m serious! They make this high pitched creeping keening noise like they have come forth from some deep crevasse in the earth to portend someone’s death. We have GOT to get out of here …
4. Fortunately, we are moving in 2 days.
5. Check mate, Mr.Rocky McShiftyPants. Check Mate.

everyone knew her as nancy …

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