O Happy Caper

1. oh dear… why doesn’t she post anymore, lament the populace. I thought about that, so e … here is a nice photo, anyhow…
2. that is me, showing you a photo of a shark with a brush coming out of its stomach. it is neither Seaworthy (n)or(?) useful for scrubbing dishes.
2. I’m feeling surly today. I have a ton of blog drafts just lying around today; many of which were written during rehearsals or around actual performances or sitting in bars or Seattleite establishments
3. This post is devoid of content and is not fooling anyone.
4. My sister-in-law has a cute baby, but they live in Australia. When adults have fat cheeks it’s sort of a character flaw and not a good thing. I dunno, I usually get distracted by jolly-cheeked fellows.
5. I am starting to get sick of the sound of my own typing. I had two donuts today and should not have. There is a fantastic bagel place and I had a sandwich comprised of salmon and capers (I could write an ode to a caper, or a haiku…
[BREAK from this:

oh happy caper
tiny little tooth pickle
tastes like Saturday 🙂 🙂

6. Obviously, silly Den needs some content and more wine. I swear I will finish my Words With Friendsy Dictionary. Because I am in the middle of an Epic Struggle now and I could have used words such as “sweemevio” and “liminy.” Soon, gremlins. Soon…

PS. The sandwich also had onions and tomatoes. So my breath could improve.
PPS. If you would like to hear me complain about my breath more regularly, for some reason I’ve been making lists over at the google. I don’t know why I swallowed that fly.


O Happy Caper

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