Nur Ein Whine

Am having TERRIBLE week. Miraculously made it into round 2 of Nur Ein. How do I reward my mostly-Quite-high-percentage-of-brethren-and-Unspoken-dude-code-respecting-women-friends? By TALKING about the ICKY stuff. Yep. I whined. This is because:
1. “iiiiiitttsssss HOTTTTTTT” (eh, eh, eeh, EHH…)
2. “I’m TIRRRRRRED…..”
3. “I’m mooooooooooodyyyyyy”
5. I can’t tag my MP3 and its a CONSPIRACY!!!!!!!!!!!!
6. My kitty is sick (this is a legitimate concern, not a euphemism. He’s fine and lives in the house now.).
7. This is not a vagina monoblog.

Already having promised to write music that is more accessible, I cannot make recompense and write a song about Thor.

More later. Aren’t you thrilled?!?


-am waiting in line for a movie. Talking via interwebz to fellow contestant. He says there is some rule against discussing lady topics on the El Forums. Great. I guess I just got tired of suffering in silence while my household and family rolls their eyes and I compete with guitar crushing mass producers of unfailing consistency. Me and my glockenspiels and excessive reverbs.

At a free screening of a Judy Dench movie. So I’m going out in a blaze of feminine glory if they decide to eject me for a Gal Foul.

Unrelatedly, I just found out, in public, that it is pronounced “Tusk-KEE-gee” and not “TUSK, kuh-gee.” I feel as though I have been lied to my whole life. Meanwhile my friend I eat sushi with Teri calmly eats cheese and makes cracks. Brilliant

Nur Ein Whine

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