Swimming Pools. Movie Stars.

“i hate the swimming pool,” you say
disdainfully to me
as I’m sitting on the front porch swing,
thinking casually all my random thoughts
…so I, surprised, pull from my time
to validate your entry
to my peace of mind.

i notice, then, that you are wearing
Swimming Trunks!
i open up my yap
to comment to this fact …
but pause …
(We know how You get
Things Like That! -)

so I
projected what you’d say
by remembering our past
like when you’d call a toad a road
or … label a spade a jack
or say Nobody Died
when all the flags fly at half mast.

(triumphant at my foresight),
I say,
“perhaps…don’t go in swimming!”

I settle back…so satisfied…

You’re indignant.
You ignore my carefully thought out suggestion.
(…usually you DO respond to Everything I say………..)

The front porch is a prison.

I walk to clear my mind.

…alone though all the garden
remembering greener times

Then I hear some revelry
and see through eyes (deceiving me?)
a pair of carefree …Business Trunks
-cavorting through a Concrete Sea.
(with Mermaids in Attendance).

(i wondered why I bothered, once again to split the difference)

You look at me like chocolate cake
You say “come in! the water’s fine!”
I say, “no thanks. My ship awaits.
The wormhole closes half-past-nine…”


I put this photo in because I am squinkily looking askance at something (yes, I had to spell check that. don’t judge). Also, I have lost my Red Glasses, so hopefully if I post something with them on that is putting out into the Universe and the Lost Item-Finder Goblins that I would like them Relocated Post-Haste-o.

Swimming Pools. Movie Stars.

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