who rules the school then..?

a friend of mine is having a fru-klunksy day. she writes and adores punctuation (she probably also likes Proper Capitalization, but that is neither-here-nor-there-zi-toad…#orizit …).
Anyway. This is a quick afternoon poem I jotted down on the Misbehaving Cylon McSmackbook for her.



because your day is bad…
you may forget to understand
everywhere your feet dance

..they leak from the furniture
-the calming of dilemmas
-magic potatoes
-page turns go quicker

….you gather loose ends.

i don’t think like this –

and i never will.

some people’s punctuation has wings.
some people’s stands still.

but yours carries thinking along,
seducing the parlance;

completing the marathon of a stand-still
if given merely half a chance.

who rules the school then..?

7 thoughts on “who rules the school then..?

      1. And you also found yourself a very suitable & apt surmerged meaning to go along with the surface meaning too. ‘Words (going) everywhere … feet dance’ by extension also refers to the ‘Walls having ears’ & words said within even the slightest ear shot of the world; living or inanimate like furnitures & fittings, would always ‘leak from (them)’. I liked that a lot… but hey, I’m just another loud mouthed amatuer. It is a pleasant read. Thanks!

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