spring cleaning

1. The mountain laurels are ridiculous and amazing and I miss my mom.
2. There have been no bluebonnet sightings yet, and part of me is thinking………..
3. …spring cleaning! There’s no place for spring like Texas. No one hears about this because every summer the blistering A$$DUMB temperatures no one but a southerner or a Hadean can really “get;” these Highs wipe the memory of our golden months away. Everything parches and dies and then they make rules about water.
4. In nice news, pretty news, in Spring you sometimes still need a sweater or even sleeves while the beautiful flowers are out. There is nothing more gorgeous than a sundress and sneakers and a little sweater. Yeah, I like hyperbole.
5. There is nothing more satisfying than a clean room and a clean slate and memories that aren’t going away being put away anyway; and realities that are not going away being told that they will go here or there but no.. further.
6. there are beautiful pictures of simple spaces all over the Internet and I know that I can make something healing for myself that I have needed for more than a year now. I have imagined my house in my brain; and if I am the type of person who can fit in a backpack happily like a silly bunny, then I can surely make a little den for myself in my own real home that is actually mine for sure and not wander all freaky like a nomad inside my mental space.
7. It doesn’t matter what kind of energy surrounds me or what other people are doing. It doesn’t matter who-thinks-what of me or where I came from. Now is the time. I have few obligations and few unfinished-businesses lying around. It is all happy work. All other things shall remain undone, because I owe myself that.
8. I am finally waking up, and for the right reasons. But I have been for a while. I am who I am. I am trustworthy and it’s a waste of time to explain twice what I have said once. Anyone who has heard me say the same thing over and over doesn’t quite “get” how privileged they are – but they will. It is time to do the things that I have avoided for so long. To do all I can do and go take all of what I can find for myself. Because I’m too well trained to Slave away for free. Or even, for strange or shaming pay.

spring cleaning

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