Nice Snazzy Blog Post Title

1. My teeth are fuzzy and my brain is flopsy because I fell asleeping in the Granny couch
2. I have a Ferocious headache. It has a persnickety attitude and a foul temper and has sharp, pointy teeth like a deranged walrus. rarrrr.
3. So, two years ago was the Song Fu release of ‘Something Very Horrible (Bluebeard’s Lament)‘ This was probably the birth of Duality237 – a project with Joe “Covenant” Lamb which made a lot of really pretty songs. When I realized that today because I pay attention to silly things like when I put which songs out and when certain Song Characters and Internet Personalities and Identities of mine have birthdays well … I felt old.
4. When I go to bed, I am not checking for gray hairs.
5. How do we spell gray anyway? Is it ‘gray’ or ‘grey?’ Do we get to pick? Is it the one choice that we actually HAVE in the English language?
6. Facebook keeps crashing, so I cannot “like” anything at all… Boo to this. Boo. Here is a tiny list of things that I would “like”
-My friend Manhattan Glutton won this week’s Song Fight. Yes we took a photo in New York drinking Manhattans. We look silly.
-My new hilarious friend from someplace in the middle of England is writing a Soap Operatic Fish Saga. It will continue tomorrow. Right now there has been a dastardly deed done. I would love to share and link the fishsticks out of this somehow. It is not yet Available to the Public, no, but only to the trusted Few. I will Tell the minute it is on the shelves for consumption.
-oh. apparently I am allowed to “likepianoteq. This confirms and validates my choice that the piano I made for An Extremely Late project I am Woefully behind on needs to just be done with and I don’t need to redo it.
7. Why would the cat scratch the sofa RIGHT in front of me as if I don’t know what’s going on?!? I wasn’t born yesterday!!
8. In conclusion, this is a picture of the Fun Snake Shoes, one of which broke under the sheer tension of its awesomeness. I took it in the old house. I need to get them fixed so I can try to break my neck again. Why yes, I am aware that these are the most frivolous shoes in the galaxy. No, my blogtatistic friendstrels, I do not feel inclined to care if I have a predilection for Silly Footwear!
9. I went out for dinner with my Dad at the Grove tonight (well, last night). That was nice. We had wine and cheese and tiny sandwiches. I am behind on like three food reviews. This is difficult because I don’t necesscelery want this to become a Food Blog. But if that’s what happens oh whale, right?
10. Good Greasy Griefazoids I’m sleepsy. This is probably because it is Bologna O’Clock in the morning. Zounds. Ack. flib. Monge. Flarg.
11. I totally had to add a number eleven to this blog post, and a title before that. My cut and paste left out half the entry, including the picture. But I think it looks nicer with this litte disclamatory on the end, don’t you?

Nice Snazzy Blog Post Title

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