1. good grief I’m tired. i am working on the song that will never be finished. i have taken it apart and put it back together over ten times. it has so much freaky mojo in it from being sick and funny experiences that I had to deconstruct it and put a fresh new approach on it. Luckily it’s been an okay day so I can put a bit of a nice finish onto it and get it done I am thinking. I’ve stayed off things for the most part and mostly slept the sick off and put out a few fires today.
2. something that is NOT going to get old from being said is that 2011 was a really heinous year. just really exceptionally flarggy.
3. eventually, most situations settle to the ground like oook in a fishtank or like the dust settling around the foot-ed pjjamas around the red carpet gala opening of the sea otter of a metaphor from the Grocery Store of

never mind. I got stuck.
I think what I’m trying to say is that when things are completely unresolvable in life because something is just a damn shame full of angry Nobody’s Fault that’s just really hard. It takes superhero strength to get through stuff like that and you can only hope for the best and that tantrums can settle. I had mine throughout the year in several areas of my life, heightened by being sick and getting betrayed and fired a few times and having professional disappointments and being embarrassed and dealing with the fact that I whine a lot on my blog and that I’m not as funny as I think I look. But here is a video of a chicken toy. You can clear your head while I go clean up the apple soda I just kicked over.
(got chickens?)

[NOTE: if you watch any of the other vids, the “pigs blood” poem one is Not Suitable For Work!!! because there is a swear in the poem. also all of my twitvids are REALLY dumbexcept my practice performance of Stranded which is actually not too bad.]

(why yes, I have fallen down the stairs this week. I have stopped giving Clumsy Updates)

Rest Assured, this blog is about to get more Entertaining and Less:

EEh. Eeh. Eeh. WWRRRRRAaaawwhhhhh. YAAAAAh. WAAAAH . RRREEeeereee. ewwwww. Flarg.

No. Really. I’m totally finishing my projects too. It’s all happening according to Plan.
I am #hashtaggingallupinthat …


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