a day of Friendly reminders


1. NOTE TO SELF: you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. I don’t know who the dog is in this scenario, but looking back I’m remembering I’ve been called bitch, and stupid, and worse 😦
2. NOTE TO SELF: always remember that you are Unique. Just like everybody else.
3. It’s going to take something a LOT more


to convince me to even respond to the existence of a person who regularly makes me feel like a bloodspot on a dirty road.
4. I am furious
5. I’m so furious right now I’m blogging about it. I’m months of pent of rage furious added to years of pent up rage furious.

I don’t want to go into it…

6. I’m so sad. I can’t even process it.
7. I’ll be around for things I need to be around for, but I have obviously not been doing well and it’s time for me to sort through some stuff before I end up someplace crazy.

Now it’s affecting my work.

a day of Friendly reminders

dessert tray at the cannibal buffet


there was a day
something was said
that was sticky,
it was claimed..

I was pink,
on display –
spices and icing in
sweet disarray

Of course I have philosophies
..I do not believe
in the sugary ways
of the cannibal parade
I explained that my skeleton would ache…
my jaws would snap around
each fractured protest of smiling
if the honey were siphoned away
and sold to the slaves
for money that I could not pay
to wash all the raindrops

dessert tray at the cannibal buffet