cupboards and closets

cleaning up your little places where you shove stuff to get it out of the way because the company is coming over is kind of crazy time.

making changes is scary.
tomorrow is a big day, because I have a LOT to do over the next few months. The rest of the year is pretty much going to just fall down into place, and I don’t have a lot of time to be making the same sorts of errors in judgment that I’ve been making in the past. It’s time for me to tighten up.

I’m ready for it now too. I’m not afraid. I’m not looking into this abyss with terror or feeling alone or needing someone to hold my hand or having the whole bottom-lip-tremble thing wanting to talk about thank god I’ve got the good friends to love and support me drama and all that.

The time for all that crap is over. I don’t have time to waste with all this relationshipppy crap anymore. All this please, won’t you be my friend ooo look you’ve come back oh wow what does this mean is this destiny what might THAT mean what do the stars say blahblahblah this and THAT yaddayaddayadda isn’t that just so SPECIAL wow listen to that uncanny song on the radio isn’t that so INTERESTING I was just THINKING of you and how ODD that that song would come on RIGHT THEN who would have thought so I just had to tell you oh my god what does it mean… but oh wait I thought you said hold on oh I said that then blahblahblahWOW oh GEEZZZZZZZ….


I’ve indulged in enough people drama. Yay. Fun happy cake time is over den. It’s time to eat our broccoli and make Adult Decisions. You have written enough songs about the silly humans who behave in their funny ways. Yay. It is time to play our scales and our modes with the Metronome now. It’s time to floss, and brush our teeth and quit giggling and simpering like a teenager looking at bright shiny objects just because you are a Poet and a Songwriter. This will simply Not Do.

1. One nice long post. A little private FUneral all my very own, so to speak. That’s done. Move on. Everyone is fine and things are guh-roooooovy. People have lives. Coolio.
2. Getting something done that literally took 40 minutes to wrap up. Yeah. 40 minutes to finish but I’ve been dragging it around just between my eyes like a splitting headache letting waves of fresh Nasty hit me over and over again keeping me in the sucking undertow of the Barftic Ocean. Wow! What’s that over there!? I think I see a ‘Get a Life’ raft …
3. Letting Confusion and undefined uncertainties pile around me – and allowing myself to be defined as something less than what I should be defined as. Which is a person who is not to be Trifled With.
4. In conclusion, whatever.

Yeah. Just whatever.

I’m too busy for all this silliness. I don’t really have time to be cute anymore and I don’t really care what you think of me. I need to finish the rest of my homework and then I need to blog about content and then I should probably record and practice. Because aren’t you sort of sick of hearing me whine? I know I am.

If the any of the wrong people comment on THAT rhetorical question – anywhere, inCLUDING on this blog, they WILL get slapped. Hypothetically, of course.

Why yes, it is that special musical time in a woman’s life when she extends the special conducting baton built right into her hand and directs you to the back of the concert hall because you’ve clapped in-between her movements.

So the heckles what?

ps. yes, I’m still cleaning out my lair for special porpoises.

cupboards and closets

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