it’s 2012, that’s why!!! :P

1. I’m tired. So because it’s 2012, I’m going to bed.
2. I’m confused, but I just know it will get better tomorrow; because it is 2012.
3. I’m going to make a stellar piano tomorrow because…
4. …_yep. You guessed it. It’s 2012.
5. Everything I hope for will happen. Situations will resolve. Things will get better. After all…
…it’s 2012!!!
(and not 20*#)
6. I feel my metabolism is confused. It’s just in shock because of the beating it took in 20ack-ack
7. I don’t “get it;” or indeed, understand anymore. Nope, not in the damn-least. That’s okay! It’s 2012, so I don’t have to! I shall be my charming self and flow where the currents of fate navigate me or whateveroysterotterpatrolcar. blah,blah,blah.

I am too tired for this blog; and for your smug little smirk on the underside of my eyelid tonight, Oh Rub-It-In Goblin. (everyone’s GOT one, hidden under bed, couch, or household appliance).

I sound like a crazy person, but this is what happens when you have lots to do and tunnels with no lights and are Real Tired.

sleep for me. I do what I want! 🙂

it’s 2012, that’s why!!! :P

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