New Year’s. I don’t usually do this. I have my own New Year, on Oct 1. So why should I play along?

Well, I guess I dropped the ball literally this year. I never picked it up. This is because there were a lot of them. They were my marbles. They got lost, and some of them rolled away and I did get some back with some help and some got run over by ambulances or rolled into fires and reduced to rubble and or ended up in the pockets of people who wear smug smiles and rub their thumbs across the shiny surfaces of Me to see if I notice…

Truthfully, I need a new day. I may as well start tomorrow. So my thing starts then.

1. I choose.
2. I don’t have to.
3. I can. I will.
4. I can’t. and… I won’t.
5. “I love you.”
6. I’m not okay… and I need………….
7. “No.”


Yes. *

*use sparingly


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