which came first, the chicken or the win? #worsttitleever

1. I like lists.
2. I don’t like email unless I am really into you. I write exquisite but insane letters.
3. I get addicted easily and disgusted permanently with dumb situations.
4. I enjoy chocolate and cream cheese, but not together.
5. I’ve been too lenient with my Pig intake.
6. I am a writer and I should just accept this.
7. I couldn’t decide for a while, but I am Publicly declaring that we shall give the Cocktail Sausages a skip this Christmas Eve.
8. We are still making the pesto. And the Crab<-x … CRAP-dip.

9. that is what my mom always called it.
10. my mom was the funniest girl in the whole universe. i love her and miss her because she taught me everything I know about having class and when I wasn't acting right she'd say" where's your Irish?" like my Grandmother before her and probably that goes all the way back to before Galveston.
11. this is the first Christmas I do not feel scared of missing Mom so much I can't breathe.
12. this Christmas, I am not waiting in agony in the cold for my life to start – having just had my girl-parts operated on by crazy mad scientists.
13. I hope the Psychotics work out this year, and other projects too – indeed, the whole mad internet thing I decided to experiment with instead of booking live shows like a normal Austinite (:/) … but who knows these things. I need to show some more respect for all of these things I think, because it's all really legit and none of it is silly because it is all filled with lovely people.

I know that at one point I sat around, smoking cigars, eating smoked salmon, drinking Blue Moon with lovely orange slices, thinking these things.


Sneezons Bleetings.

ps. Apparently there is a Fry-ed Chicken place in Austin that also Frys DEVILED EGGS! This is absolutely INSANE. WHO WOULD DO THIS!?! WINNERS! THAT IS WHO!!!!!

which came first, the chicken or the win? #worsttitleever

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