Cylonic Delerium

1. Oh man……my computer. What happened???? Well, Good Question ! Because, I honestly do not know what the hell is going on.
2. I can tell you that I’m going to be more careful from now on. Slower. More deliberate. I keep saying I’m going to clean up. Well, I think it’s pretty vital now. When you don’t take care of yourself, it wears on you.
3. So I’m in this panic racing up and down the stairs breathlessly looking for hard drives. Everything totally falling apart. I finally found what I needed for backup. When you live with someone you think can help with these types of things…ah but no.
4. Maybe tomorrow. For tonight it is something I have to do on my own. I just hope I have gotten enough of my affairs in order on my machine so that I don’t lose anything.
5. I had so much work on there! Just lots of stuff going on! Only about 33% left to get last check.

This is just more of a reminder that I have not been gentle with myself. And as I treat myself, so do others.

for instance……
If you call yourself stupid enough other people will say that you are stupid and then you will believe it and you will Disbelieve In all the things which made you Know that you were lovable and beautiful and good and incomparable and just…nice 🙂

and I need to make it nice again because nothing makes sense anymore when I am so tired 🙂


moral of the story?
always back up. you never know when your disk will crash. Important stuff like your work deserves a Pause in Thought.

And the iPeople, they make all these promises, you know? And it’s always user error, or course.
I hear that ALL the time. But I know better. I was there, putting stuff in the right folders, the whole time.

yeah, that’s what she said…

Cylonic Delerium

2 thoughts on “Cylonic Delerium

  1. Sorry for all that stress, hope the damage is not too great! And I love the parts about being gentle on yourself and taking things slow. Seems to be a thing that takes a lot of practice and reminding for me!

  2. It turned out to be the boot disk. Mike helped me figure it out. One of those things with alarming error messages but then in the morning it was a problem where you need a bit of a jump start and then it is okay. 🙂 Thank goodness!! 🙂

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