Funny bits in a Borrring Day…

I am doing the ever-present, unceasing filing on the Cylon and I found this FUNNY-funny thing I wrote before the Songfight! Live event in New York. This was when I went from the JFK airport to Grand Central station, and was going to my friend Jenny’s house in Connecticut. So I wrote this “bloggy thing” while tired and frustrated in the basement of the train station. It’s really pretty, and confusing down there. Ai!


1. Am writing this, sans internet, in the basement of grand central station. It is gold and beautiful. I am tired and sweaty. I smell s’nasty.
2. I am weary and dejected. Unhappy and dissatisfied. You could knock me over with a feather. I wonder if it closes here tonight. There’s a girl sitting in a big gooshy chair with her head on her knees and she looks like her heart has been broken. A guy walked by with a guitar. I wanted to ask him if he was here for Songfight Live, but it’s too early and apparently there are 12 million people in this city.
On with the list. I’ve already wasted two.

4. I have had it HAMMERED home to me today that I am NOT a special, unique treasure.
5. In New York when you are visiting, you want to curl up into a little ball in somebody’s arms and fall asleep for a very long time. Instead you sit down in the basement and think wow… I made it from the airport spending only 7ish bucks and I did it all by myself and only cried twice and had two panic attacks.
6. Jamaica is my favorite place in the entire world. People from Jamaica are wonderful. Jamaica station, Jamaicans themselves, Jamaica, Jamaica… I can think of several Jamaican sorts of stuff that are nothing but wonderful and good. Nothing but happy and wonderful memories of everything with J-A-M-A-I-C-A. No, it’s a nice place to visit. I don’t want to live there, necessecelery.
7. I could use a pool. And a taco.
8. The fine folks of the New York City Police Department are not moved by my abject weeping during Rush Hour.
9. People on the subway do NOT like to be stared at by curious southerners.
10. Don’t talk so DAMN SLOW, den.
11. Coming here during rush hour was dumbdumbdumbdumbdumb.
12. Or maybe it … wasn’t. Really, I could go anywhere. Absolutely ANYWHERE.

This is, after all, Grand Central. Hell, I could go back to the airport, and get on a damn plane. I just gotta wait for the phone to charge up.

I don’t know anything anymore. I’m confused, hot, tired, and disturbingly unhungry. Total weight loss = about 35ish pounds… give or take six-ish; since January 2010. This is doing absolutely nothing but eating junk food and staring at the wall and staying up too late being addicted to songwriting contests.


PS. I think it’s about to get stressful for me, so if you are my friend and you stick by me you get special kisses and prizes for Christmas 🙂

By the way.

Nur Ein!

ps. the girl in the chair is just sleeping, and there is a creepy guy staring at me wondering why i am sitting on the floor. POWER OUTLET dude. Only one in the city, so you may SUCK IT! I paid a clerk four bucks for Apple Juice for this Valuable Information.
pps. The Jamaican. She was working in a bank with another guy who was Not from Jamaica. They looked familiar, both very attractive. I was happy, because I have a friend from Jamaica, so I immediately recognized her accent but didn’t want to say anything in case she was from Antigua or some other spot in the Carribean even though I’m sure the accent is probably completely different like people from different parts of the UK or Aussies and New Zealanders (which you know if you are married to Australian and your sister-in-law has married a kiwi and is spawning Identity Confused Children who are probably only sure of one thing and that is that they are Not American 🙂 )

ppps. Dude, I am so socially anxious.
pppps. Did you notice how there were NO people in the world about an hour and a half ago except for you reading this blog? Did you wonder where they had all gone? Well…

they were all in MY TRAIN car! That’s right.. The ENTIRE POPULATION OF THE PLANET EARTH had decided HEY!!! LET’S REALLY MESS UP THE XONDORIAN’S SENSE of EQUILLIBRIUM and give her the NEW YORK WELCOME and get a GALAXY OF FUN going on in this TRAIN CAR! So they did. And it did. And I did. And it was BAAAAAADDDD.

How I am going to get to Connecticut at this hour, I really don’t know. The last train has probably JUST left. If that is true, I am going to get the first hotel I see and fall into a bed in it. Why NO, I do not care if it is 500 dollars a night! (okay, yes I do). I will probably hit a cafe and find something that I can deal with. Either that or hook. No, I won’t do that. But I will figure something out. Because this has been a hell of a day and I REALLY need to sleep.

Den out.


Recital tomorrow, by the way. What the hell was I thinking? I should have just hit songfight and left well enough alone. Never take a last minute thing. Never ever. This is all really ill fated, I can smell it. And I’m going to write about it all, HERE.

[EDIT… later I didn’t. write. about it all. here. i did write though. lots.]


Funny bits in a Borrring Day…

5 thoughts on “Funny bits in a Borrring Day…

  1. I hope you do really well today! I wish I was not feeling so socially anxious lately. It’s been really bad lately. I’ve been meant to go out a couple times and just not able to leave. :/ don’t think I’m ever going to be able to do this performance thing. 🙂 That’s why I’m so proud of you. 🙂

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