same thing. but better.

1. I discovered today, yet again, that I am not normal.
2. I discovered this because I wanted to hold up a hand and say, hypothetically to another person that is not really Talking to Me because they are a part of my Fake Life that is the Internet
3. ASIDE: I’m sorry to be like that. It’s just weird, sometimes, this box I live in. If you are not interacting with someone though, it’s so easy to just pretend that they have green, scaly skin and fourteen eyeballs. There’s no telling what their real opinions are. It’s easy to see that this is the case because sometimes the things that people think I believe and do are ludicrous.
4. BACK ON TASK: On Not Being Normal. This discovery was made because of my music. There’s a coverfight up that is a sidefight for Songfight!
5. There’s a lot of fighting in that sentence! It seems like an easy thing, to take exception to all that… but I’m actually pretty pleased with it. It’s keeping me sane and happy right now.
6. The new fight is up. I’m only in Psychotics this week and did not do a DJ tune. Last week I think I got robbed. I’m only saying that because I wrote a really good song and I didn’t even make the 20s though. The amount of people who pay genuine attention to me has plummeted however, so this is not really a surprise to me. If I want some fan-ness back I’m going to have to hustle a little bit myself, I think.
7. I’m probably going to make google pages and maybe the rest for this new band, because it’s looking to be about that time. This is our 12th song out. We are now working on 2 others. When they are completed that will be the most music I have ever completed in a band before. I guess I am doing something right πŸ™‚ Yay me! πŸ™‚
8. I am trying to embrace my “sound.” I think for the past year or so, I have tried too hard to be “normal.” I’m not a Normal musician. I am a person who makes strange noises in her tunes and writes in a Chanty way like in the Cupcake song and also stuff like Anna’s Gerbil. Why should I start doing what’s expected of me now? Why should I do the same things over and over. Let alone what everyone else is doing? I don’t want a normal life. That’s not me.
9. I think that’s why I run screaming from anything that pours a bucket of cold water over my sense of adventure or being in the thick of things. And this year has been hard on that. I’ve felt so … erased. It’s hard, being sick. But I’m feeling so much better and am ready for mischief again. πŸ™‚

why shouldn’t i get up to no good? it’s in my nature to be that way. so I’m going to stick to what I know. it’s what I’m good at. going back to basics. back to the beginning.

10. once again, this involves stuff that looks boring (practicing, organizing, putting things in organized rows, blahblahblah); but is actually quite revolutionary because it allows me to have absolutely no concern about doing anything but moving in an Only Forward Way on my Own Trajectory. Plus, I will FINALLY get things DONE! This is the sort of fire that Rebellious, Loyal-to-the-Self-Thinking will light under the CORE of a person; rather than continuing a dim hope for a thin beam of shallow illumination from unreliable temporary-passers-by.
11. this all sounds good in theory. or like just a bunch of words strung together with punctuation marks. i’d rather get to somewhere with more purpose, honestly.


in conclusion, I have fantastic hair:

same thing. but better.

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