another timely note to self

1. you say it in a song. then you face the facts. turn around. greet the new day. because it’s the current one. you’re just missing it.
2. not everything is the same thing. but not everything is the safe thing.
3. two wrongs never make a right. three probably don’t either. one right definitely makes one a right though, doesn’t it?
4. being cryptic and mysterious is awesome. because it is cryptic. and mysterious. this is how people get capes. and tete-a-tetes. and hors de overures. which you cannot spell.
5. writing in BS-person-point of view is really difficult; but one must do these things if one wants to be Proficient in Grammar, doesn’t one?
6. It’s time to set limits and keep them. There is a time to push boundaries and a time to sit down at your desk and follow the rules and do your homework. It’s Good Girl time.

And I do think I want something sweet after dinner tonight because I have more work to do! fun work! YAY!

another timely note to self

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