1. well. I have accomplished none of my lofty goals from entries past.
2. I have not blogged in days.
3. I have learned that it is, indeed possible, to get iPad cramp,
4. I have written some truly pathetic lyrics because some perfectly good lyrics were given the big “phbhbhbt” in reviews. I know better than this. This is what happened in Song Fu 6; and is why we have a schmoopy rain song rather than an epic work of electronic glory.
5. All songs which have been given the ugly duckling have gone on to get their wings and go quack-quack. My duck has not been fooled into believing it is a chicken. It is going back to flight school. It’s graduating!
6. Actually my duck graduated a long time ago, but apparently there’s a bar in the Bermuda Triangle that serves Grey Goose and my duck is there hanging out with questionable birds, drinking dirty martinis and ruffling feathers
7. My metaphors honk
8. My foot itches.
9. My hair is complaining. I will wash it tomorrow.
10. I might start blogging about something important as well. I do have a list of things and people to focus on, other than myself…



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  1. BLT is Billy’s Little Trip – who is a songfighter basically that I have formed a little thing with called Billy and the Psychotics. The core of the band is he and I doing the writing; and most of the time it is Paco del Stinko playing lead guitar. Also Ken from Berkeley Social Scene has joined us two or three times on drums (i think on ‘Circle Me’ and ‘The Only French I Know’ at least). Once, Quimby played acoustic guitar as well (‘Out of a Hat’). So the lineup varies. We are on our eleventh song now. 🙂

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