1. I feel really grossed out today. Really confused and inarticulate. Like I just haven’t gotten it and like I cannot really win. I know it’ll pass, and that the answer to these feelings is really to not think too deeply on things. I know this. But I really just let stuff GET to me.
2. The new songfight title is ‘Occupy My Heart.’ I don’t know how it’s really going to go. But I know that DJ Ranger Den will be doing it this time and I have already written something. I think it might could stand a bridge so I don’t know. Will I get back to my old way of not showing my stuff around before fights? Who knows these things?
3. I have had a headache every day and feel a little queasy. This happens around this time and I haven’t really been tracking my moods as I know I should. I’ve been trying to be a little more diligent about self-care.
4. Zonks. This is the most boring blog in the history of man-or-woman-kind.
5. I could sure use a picture of a sheepdog to spice things up a little bit. I don’t know why I said that. I used to have sheepdogs as pets when I was younger.
6. There’s an Ed Hardy lighter with a fish on it on the table out here. I’m drinking hibiscus mint tea and I have to sneeze. These thoughts are only related if this means something to YOU.
7. There is no seven.
8. Eight is the number of getting stuff done so I am going to go work on organizing my music files. Oh goodie. goodie. gumdroppage.
9. My wind chimes are pretty. This makes me Gladdish. Yep.
10. That is me knocking back honey straight from the bear so I could record vocals for the fight-before-last. Everyone should use honey in this way. It was not this fight, which some people think we sound weird in and some people really like.
11. My tummy also hurts. Wow. I guess I really DO know how to whine and be miserable, huh??? That doesn’t make fish have feet just because some people say they do though, now does it? 😉
12. I don’t even know what I’m talking about anymore cuz ouch-whine, so whateverlybrothers …


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