Yet Another Frickkin List Gone Awry

1. This is a Self Defense List
2. I am being freaky.
3. I am enjoying a Cabaiguan
4. Pandora has ads
5. My room is a mess.
6. Brazilian is a gorgeous language to sing in
7. I intellectually know what to do to get everything I want in life, but there is a mushy and creepy little thing inside me that sometimes makes everything I do stupid. She cares only for neediness and thinks the world is made only of whining and pajamas and chocolate cake and guiltless orgasms and smoking and running late and not returning phone calls and indolence and underwear and Not Showering. She will not sing and squints into the darkness growling. She’s not that sexy but if you let her out of the cave with your mean promises, Industrious Me will shut down and Stupid Her will take over. This is because Discretionary Me is off somewhere with Invisible Me and I cannot find them this year because someone sold my Responsibility Potion to a traveling Monkey Circus. Damn Them. I am trying to catch up to them. I think they are in the city of Adulthood. Mayor Real is there and sometimes he is nice to me and sometimes he isn’t.
I will go play these human games for a while and try not to be such a homesick little creature for Xondor, I spoze. How boring.
8. Today this involves tagging my blog, which is the most boring thing ever invented in all of boringland.
9. I cannot get control of the core center of my life. This is kind of an ongoing up-and-down-up-and-down problem.
10. It’s not long until November.

Yet Another Frickkin List Gone Awry

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